20 Aug 2016

Video, The Invaluable, Misused Tool

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Corporate shoot for Schlage Lock. You can't scroll down a social media feed without seeing video.  It plays in your facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, and so many other social media feeds.  There is a reason why all of these social sites allow video.  It is because it is such an effective means of communication.  Unfortunately for professionals in the video and television world, these platforms have lowered the bar of acceptable video.  We have been watching people shoot videos on their smartphones and then post it to youtube, facebook, and elsewhere.  Normally it is shaky, out of focus, and has poor audio.  We all have seen this, sometimes hundreds of times a day.  Just because we are all use to it doesn't mean that professional video isn't important. The videos you post for your company are a part of your brand.  They are an extension of your company's image.  Many companies are using smartphones or bad cameras to shoot their videos and are hurting their brand.  If your company is professional and you care about your image and brand, use a professional video company to shoot and produce your videos.  I'm not saying that an iphone video isn't or cannot be effective.  They can, but they have their place.  The camera is the tool and the videographer is the tradesman.  Use the right tool and tradesman for the job.  You would not hire a carpenter to fix your plumbing and you would not want them to use a screwdriver if the jobs needs a wrench.  Video is the same thing.  Be sure to choose the right person and tool to effectively communicate your message and represent your brand.
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