29 Jan 2017

Lots of New Toys…uh I mean Tools

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Here are CEG we are always looking for new tools and technologies for our clients.  We just recently made several acquisitions.  We purchased a new DJI Ronin system last year.  This is great for give steadicam type shots without the steadicam type of budget.  Our rig is able to handle camera capacities up to 16lbs.  We also now have Sony's FS5 which is a great camera to put on the Ronin.  The camera is also a great match to the F55 that we use for a lot of projects.  The FS5 is capable of mulitple frame rates and will also shoot 4K.  And if you are looking for some cool aerial shots or are in need of some complex sweeping shots, then we have just the answer.  CEG is the proud owner of the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ drone.  The drone has its own camera that is capable of shooting 4K!  We can lock on people and objects for dynamic tracking shots.  We will be posting some samples that we have shot soon.  Give us a call today and lets talk about all of the creative possibilities for your project!
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