Camera Crew Policy

When hiring a camera crew it is important to know what to expect.  Camera crews are different all around the country but here is our policy regarding CEG's camera crews.  
  • Rates are based on a 10 hour work day unless otherwise negotiated
  • Rates are billed portal to portal unless otherwise negotiated.  Which means we start billing when we leave the office until we return to the office.
  • Our crews will expect to get at least a 30 minute break to eat a meal.  This time is not deducted from the 10 hour day.  It is appreciated if the meal is provided to the crew.
  • We will bill mileage for jobs outside of 30 miles from downtown Indianapolis.  The mileage will be billed at the IRS mileage rate which is currently $0.565/mile.
  • Per diem will be billed for jobs outside of central Indiana at a rate of $55/crew member unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Any expenses will be billed back to the client such as hotels, baggage fees, hard drives, parking, tolls, tips, etc.
If you have any questions on our policy please let us know.
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