31 Jul 2017

A Day In The Life of A Grounds Keeper At Wrigley Field

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We recently had the privilege of going to the historic Wrigley Field and shooting a feature for ESPN.  Camera crews from Media Op and CEG spent the day with Will Reeve from ESPN as he learned the ropes of how to care for a major league ball field.  As you will see, there is a lot that goes into it. (Shot on Sony F55's) http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=20191701
16 Feb 2017

Cummins Train Marketing

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Recently we had the opportunity to shoot a train engine for Cummins Engine.  We traversed the state with another Cummins camera crew where we started in Indianapolis and continued through Brown County, Bloomington, and Bloomfield.  You will see that we had cameras in the tracks, on the train, and we used our Sony F55 to shoot the main b-roll.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  https://youtu.be/6qqF4kObDMw  Clark Entertainment Group can make your corporate video fun and entertaining!
29 Jan 2017

Lots of New Toys…uh I mean Tools

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Here are CEG we are always looking for new tools and technologies for our clients.  We just recently made several acquisitions.  We purchased a new DJI Ronin system last year.  This is great for give steadicam type shots without the steadicam type of budget.  Our rig is able to handle camera capacities up to 16lbs.  We also now have Sony's FS5 which is a great camera to put on the Ronin.  The camera is also a great match to the F55 that we use for a lot of projects.  The FS5 is capable of mulitple frame rates and will also shoot 4K.  And if you are looking for some cool aerial shots or are in need of some complex sweeping shots, then we have just the answer.  CEG is the proud owner of the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ drone.  The drone has its own camera that is capable of shooting 4K!  We can lock on people and objects for dynamic tracking shots.  We will be posting some samples that we have shot soon.  Give us a call today and lets talk about all of the creative possibilities for your project!
27 Oct 2016

Gaither Homecoming

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We recently had the privilege to work on a new Gaither Homecoming video. We have worked on many of their projects but this one was especially cool. We have worked on projects with the Booth Brothers, The Isaacs, and Ernie Haas and Signature sound before. All of them were there for this project too, but it was cool to see country legends that I grew up watching like The Oak Ridge Boys and The Gatlin Brothers perform. Check out a sneak preview of this project that we used our Jimmy Jib on that will be released in February right here... https://youtu.be/p9Ys0iwHQIg
20 Aug 2016

Video, The Invaluable, Misused Tool

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Corporate shoot for Schlage Lock. You can't scroll down a social media feed without seeing video.  It plays in your facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, and so many other social media feeds.  There is a reason why all of these social sites allow video.  It is because it is such an effective means of communication.  Unfortunately for professionals in the video and television world, these platforms have lowered the bar of acceptable video.  We have been watching people shoot videos on their smartphones and then post it to youtube, facebook, and elsewhere.  Normally it is shaky, out of focus, and has poor audio.  We all have seen this, sometimes hundreds of times a day.  Just because we are all use to it doesn't mean that professional video isn't important. The videos you post for your company are a part of your brand.  They are an extension of your company's image.  Many companies are using smartphones or bad cameras to shoot their videos and are hurting their brand.  If your company is professional and you care about your image and brand, use a professional video company to shoot and produce your videos.  I'm not saying that an iphone video isn't or cannot be effective.  They can, but they have their place.  The camera is the tool and the videographer is the tradesman.  Use the right tool and tradesman for the job.  You would not hire a carpenter to fix your plumbing and you would not want them to use a screwdriver if the jobs needs a wrench.  Video is the same thing.  Be sure to choose the right person and tool to effectively communicate your message and represent your brand.
26 Jul 2016

CEG & Supply LLC, A 21st Century General Store

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It has been awhile since we have updated our followers on what we've been up to.  As usual, we have been doing our normal television production and corporate video production.  But we have also been building several websites for clients and also for things we are interested in.  We launched RacingLineTV.com awhile back and it is continuing to grow.  RacingLineTV.com is the home for news and entertainment in motorsports.  We cover USAC, World of Outlaws, NHRA, Nascar, and Indycar.  We also were recently approved by Roku as a channel developer.  So watch for new things with RacingLineTV!   Earlier this month we launched CEG & Supply LLC.  So what is that?  We are called CEG for short because our company name is Clark Entertainment Group.  CEG & Supply LLC is something completely different.  The CEG in CEG & Supply LLC stands for Clark's Exceptional Goods & Supply.  We want to help the United States economy by putting our money to work for us (the U.S.A.).  CEG & Supply LLC is a 21st century general store.  At cegsupply.com, you can find durable products that are made in the USA.  Some products are handmade by great craftsmen, others are brands you probably already know and love.  At cegsupply.com you can find brands like Tervis Tumblers, Maglite, Pelican, Alex Toys, Poof, Slinky, Roy Toy, White Mountain Puzzles, Gerber Knives, Rada Cutlery, and so much more.  We continue to add new products to the site every few days.  So please check out www.cegsupply.com and with your purchases you will help American jobs and American families.
08 Apr 2015

Behind The Journey

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We here at CEG have had the privilege to work on Big 10 Network's "The Journey" from almost the beginning.  Last month when we were shooting the Big 10 Tournament in Chicago for the show, a reporter got a behind the scenes look into the workings of the show.  Planning, camera crews, editing, and logistics!  Please check it out!  http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/magic-march/201504/btn-journey-big-ten-basketball-tournament-behind-scenes-chicago
27 Nov 2014

Joique Bell Feature for NFL Network

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We recently traveled up to Detroit to shoot with the Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell.  This feature aired today for Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the story of a hard working young man that is trying to set a good example.  http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-gameday/0ap3000000434909/Joique-s-journey
10 Nov 2014

Game Changers: Matt Hasselbeck

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A couple of months ago one of our camera crews got to shoot with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and his family. The Game Changers feature is on yahoo.com. Matt and his family are great people as you will find out when you see the feature. Special thanks to Zach Rutledge, Dan Cochran, and Charlotte Dunlap for their help. https://tv.yahoo.com/video/game-changers-life-hasselbecks-141035950-cbs.html
07 Oct 2014

CEG Purchases Sony’s F55 Camera

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The F55 getting a workout shooting for BTN

The F55 getting a workout shooting for BTN

CEG is constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of HD acquisition.  We were one of the 1st in Indiana to make the jump to HD back in 2005 with the Panasonic Varicam.  Since then we have added a couple more Varicam's both in tape and P2 formats along with a host of other HD cameras for varying budgets.  This year CEG has continued to invest in stable HD camera formats that have the image quality and speed of production that our clients want and have come to expect from CEG.  Introducing Sony's F55!  Sony’s F55 is the chameleon camera. It supports cinematography—and live television broadcasting. It shoots onboard 4K—and also 2K/HD. It has a Super 35mm sensor—and also offers Center Scan mode to shoot with 16mm PL lenses or with 2/3-inch lenses via B4 adaptor. It can even shoot up to 240 frames per second!!!  The F55 can change personality depending on the needs of the project, the day, or the individual shot.   Give us a call today to check it out!  We will be happy to give you a demonstration so you can see for yourself why this camera is right for your next project!    
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